Maker Pro Automatic Updates

I have some really good news to share! I am launching automatic updates for Maker Pro. This simplifies the process of updating the theme immensely.

Automatic updates are available from version 0.2.0. So if you are running any version prior to that, you’ll still need to update Maker Pro manually. Here’s a short guide on how to do it. But hey, this is the last time! Future updates can be installed with just one click.

How It Works

Automatic updates are available thanks to Software Licensing plugin that is running on ThemePatio website. This means that every purchase comes with a license key.

After you activate the license, you’ll be able to install updates with one click, just like with the free version of Maker or any other theme from theme repository.

Why It’s Important

I strongly believe that the good website is a process, so I constantly try to improve my themes by adjusting the workflow, simplifying the code, adding new features and removing unnecessary ones. Also, don’t forget about bug fixes. There’s always room to grow and improve.

Automatic updates let me deliver those improvements to you with just one click. This, in turn, lets you focus on your content.

Next Steps

If you’ve already purchased Maker, you need to update it manually and activate the theme license. This guide will also help you locate your license key.

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